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If you are having difficulties using this website, these help topics should provide you with assistance.


To obtain a newsletter or to enrol for an event, you must first register on the website

You can register for the website here.

By registering, you give your basic details and confirm if you would like a newsletter. When registered, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to confirm your wishes. You click the link to confirm and you are then registered.


To enrol for an event, you must first register for the website as explained above. If you have your username and password, you now need to log in. If you forget your password you can request it automatically via your email on the registration page at any time.

When you are logged in, you will be able to click the registration page, see your details and enroll for an event.

When you log in again after an enrolment for an event, you are manually confirmed by our staff and assigned a status which are the following:

Speaker – Speakers and chairmen attending the event
VIP – Is person who is invited by us for a very special reason and they will always know who they are in advance
PA – This is when the personal assistant is the person who has registered for the site on behalf of the delegate
Delegate – This is the a person attending as a delegate to the
Journalist – This is for journalists who have confirmed attendance in advance
Accounts – This is the delegate accounts person who gives information on where to send invoices

Event Enrolment Form

This form allows many different types of users to complete enrolment for many types of organisations.

Why we need this info?

We need the fax number in order to send you the invoice for approval, if you don’t have a fax then please enter no fax into the box.

We need the name of the organisation for name badges and delivery of invoices. If you are retired or an ex-mep for example, then you will not have a company or organisation. In this case, please enter no company

An attendee to a conference could possibly take the following forms:


• A DELEGATE is an individual who is paying to go to the conference

• A JOURNALIST is someone from a media organisation who has enquired and pre-authorised their attendance.

• A VIP is a rare occurance and a VIP will know that they are a VIP because they would have communicated with us first, so if you are not sure whether you are a VIP or not, then the chances are that you probablly not. Enroling as a VIP incorrectly will result in cancellation and re-enrolment as a delegate. Despite the webform automation there are staff who check and verify enrolments.

• A SPEAKER/CHAIRMEN is someone who is speaking or chairing at the event and will know who they are. This form is not for registering a desire to speak at an event. Please contact us here to email conference production.

From this info, we create your name badge, fax an invoice, arrange your lunch and allocate the delegate to the event.

These forms can be filled out by the:

• The person attending
• Personal Assistant, PA
• Accounts Department

When the first form is filled, you are asked if you wish to add PA details. If you click yes, then then the PA details can be added and they will receive information. The form is filled with same address detail in case they are similar and it can be overwritten. If you click no, then the attendee is responsible for receiving information.

By clicking yes to ‘are the accounts department details different?’, then you enter the details of the accounts department in order to ensure that the invoice is sent to the correct place. By clicking no, then the attendee, if no PA is specified or the PA, if specified will receive the invoice and any payment reminders.

Dietary Needs

The Dietary needs indicate that you may be vegitarian or allergic to some foods.


You need to let us know if you intend to have lunch on both days.


The comments box allows you to add further comments in relation to your enrolment


Enter the appropriate rate based on the criteria here

VAT Details

For Europeans, please fill out the necessary information if you have a VAT number
If you are not a european country or a European country without a VAT number then please ignore.

VAT Declarations

Please read carefully and select the correct one. Exempt means that you have an exemption certificate that declares that you are exempt of VAT in Belgium. Not registered means that you do not as yet reach the the threshold for paying VAT in your country in Europe.

With-profits mean that you make some profit. An organisation that recieves partial grants or funding, but also makes profitable revenue is a with-profits organisation in our description definition.

My Organisation

A NGO is defined as any not-for-profit organisation. A company founded in a new member state must be non-foreign company that is resident in a new member state.

Discount Code

This is a special code entered by you to receive a discount and you would know about this in advance. If you don’t have a code then please leave it blank. If you fill in a discount code then please enter the organisation who gave you the discount.

You can pay online by credit card after you enrol by clicking on my details and clicking pay online. A fax will be sent to you after enrolment to explain how to pay by bank transfer.


When you log in later, you will see ‘my details’ on the bottom left. Clicking on this gives you interesting information like the event that you are attending and your status. It will also notify you here about presentations that are available.

The following status allocation allow presentation access

Speakers/Chairmen – access to presentations as they become available on the site for speakers and chairmen until 2 weeks after the event
VIPs – Delegates – Journalists – they will receive the presentations the day after the event for 2 weeks
Non-attendee purchasers of presentations – Available any time 2 weeks after an event for duration of 30 days

My password doesn’t work

Check the username is your email
Check that you are using the correct email as the username
The password that you are entering could be wrong – try requesting it again

I can’t find the event enrolment form on the event registration page

Firstly you must be:

• Registered for the site
• Confirmed by email link
• logged in
• On the registration page for the event

Why do I do all this?

When you register for the site, it safely stores the details and uses this to send you a newsletter (if requested). When you enrol for your first event, your details are already there for enrolment. Events require extra details for attending and once to go to your first event, all those details will already be filled for any future events. Going to a second event can take less than 40 seconds to enroll.

Edit my details Help

If you have requested a newsletter then we will send this out at intervals. Your details are editable should you change organisations and if you have com pleted them in full, we thank you.

If your details are not com plete, then you may lose out on receiving colour brochures for the event. We could also send you a letter asking you to speak. As and when you can, please take time to update your details to include more information. You can look at our Privacy policy here

Register for the website with an option to receive our newsletter:

Spotlight on Venues

The Hotel HUSA President Park, Brussels

The Hotel HUSA President Park is located in the brand new business and ministries district of Brussels, just a stone's throw away from the major Gard du Nord station and a short journey from the famous "Grand Place".

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Featured Speaker

Tuesday, 04 April 2006

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